The ‘Industrialists’ is a classic ! thanks.

SGFA Journal

Kevin Wells ASGFA "The Industrialists" Kevin Wells ASGFA “The Industrialists”, pencil on paper, 50 x 40 cm, 2015.

The Industrialists was unusual for me in the sense the idea came to my mind fully formed and was then drawn pretty much as it was imagined. Usually, I start a drawing with at best a vague idea, or, more often with no idea at all, just the desperate hope that something worthwhile will emerge from my scribbles. The inspiration probably came from a slight obsession with things Victorian, the experience of the polluted metropolis and the joy of drawing tall hats. At the time I made this drawing I had put my cartoony scrawls to one side to work on a series of more objective pencil drawings but could clearly feel the influence of my more natural tendencies beginning to seep through in the faces of these Victorian gentlemen.

Profile of the Artist: Kevin Wells ASGFA

A compulsive…

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Image of the Month: The Industrialists by Kevin Wells ASGFA


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