Channel4 ‘breaks’ #ToryDataBreach – but Canary showed Tories doing it 2 YRS ago


Superb work by Channel 4 News in tonight’s broadcast showing that the Tories employed a company called Blue Telecoms to conduct paid canvassing thinly (and often very thinly) disguised as market research.

blue telThe owner of Blue Telecoms

Paid canvassing to persuade someone to vote for a particular party is a major breach of electoral law.

Not only that, but the Tories targeted households that included many that had opted out of receiving calls via the TPS (Telephone Preference Service). Genuine market research calls are exempt from the TPS block, but working for the Tories to steer people to vote Conservative is not genuine market research.

Contacting TPS-registered people when you’re not a genuine market research company – or paying others to do so – is also a serious breach of the law, in this case the Data Protection Act.

Finally, Blue Telecoms lied about its identity to call recipients – another…

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