Blairites complain about #deselection. It’s just following their idol’s example



Right-wingers and their media allies continue to talk about deselection in terms of sectarianism, stalinism and just being plain unfair to ‘hardworking MPs’ who have a ‘mandate from their constituents’ – even though research shows only 6% of Labour voters supported the party in the last General Election because of their local MP.

The ‘hearts and minds’ battle continues, with former Labour Chief Whip Hilary Armstrong chipping in with a claim that Tony Blair ‘saved’ Jeremy Corbyn – a hugely popular constituency MP for over 30 years – from deselection.

As the SKWAWKBOX showed last week, Blair in fact considered ‘show trials’ of MPs he considered troublesome and at least two MPs were deselected under him. The architect of that plan was none other than then-Chief Whip Hilary Armstrong, according to news paper reports.

Some have claimed that Ms Armstrong’s plan doesn’t mean Blair wanted it, as if there’s the…

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